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Auto Answering

1.My modem cannot auto answering , but the aa light is on, but no answering , when i pull then plug in again the modem is anwering.

2. Another question : I cannot configure speed higher than 19200 in router 1601 series IOS ver 11.xx except 115200, Always get a message " cannot change the line speed" How can i change the speed to 56000

I use modem "US Robotic 56 K Faxmodem"

here is the Configuration :

chat-script reset "" "AT&F1&C1&D3&H1&R2&B1&M4&K1&U0S0=1"

interface serial 0/2

physical-layer asyn

ip address

encap ppp

dialer in-band

dialer idle-timeout 18000

dialer-group 1

async dynammic address

async mode dedicated

no peer default ip address

ppp authentication chap

line 3


script reset reset

login local

modem inout

transport input all

stopbits 1

speed 19200

flowcontrol hardware

Thanks for your attention and help

Best Regards

Desi Muliadi

VIP Purple

Re: Auto Answering

I'm not completely clear on the problem; but with regard to the AA light being on, and the modem not answering;

1. Check to make sure the DTR is asserted. Make sure the modem has its DTR light on, otherwise it wont answer. The Cisco 1600 asserts this line, but it is possible your cable doesn't carry this signal.

Also, you have specified a "dialer-group" command, but have not declared a dialer interface.

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