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Auto configuration of static routes

Good morning. I have three Catalyst 3750 installed in different locations. I have configured Layer 3 capabilities in them. I would like to know if it is possible that when I include one static route in one of them, this route could be automaticaly configured in the other two switches, without changes.

I don't want to use RIP, IGRP or OSPF. These protocols don't pass the static routes without changes. These protocols establish the router that has the static routes as the gateway to those subnets.

Can I use clustering to do this?

I have another question: some people say that it is possible to stack switches located in different locations (f.e. different cities). Is it possible? With which technologie?

Thank you.


Re: Auto configuration of static routes


configuring a static route in one switch will not update oter switches. To allow the routing information to be passed on automatically you need a dynamic routing protocol or an external script, which configures the appropriate static in the switches.

Be aware, that a route needs two parts: the network and the outgoing interface (sometimes specified through a next hop). How should a 3750 know which outgoing interface to use?

By the way, dynamic routing would not need any changes when adding static routes. Just using RIP as an example:

router rip

version 2

no auto-summary

network ! or whatever you use for your interface IPs

redistribute static

Any static route entered into the IP routing table would be announced through RIP to other routers configured the same way.

As you stated, the router with the static route would be used to access this network. What is wrong with this approach in your case? What exactly should work differently?

Could it be each switch has an interface towards the destination specified in the static? Can you highlight your topology?

Last, stacking does not work across large distances, in fact using stacking cables it is more a technology designed to be used for several switches in one rack.

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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