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Back to Back 2514 Via Async Ports and USR Modems

I have a couple of 2514 (ios 11.2(18)) routers connected via their asyn ports and a us robotics sportster modems. They are dialing in to each other fine and from inside the router I can ping the other router over this link. The problem is from the ethernet side of router a I can not ping the ethernet side of router b.........unless there is traffic inbound from router b to router a! I can try to telnet to my unix box on the ethernet network of router b and nothing happens.....untill I ping from inside router b to a host on router a's ethernet network. After doing that everything is working "honky-dory". The network works great when running an extended ping but as soon as that ping stops all connections over the async port between the ehternet LANs comes to a "screeching" halt! If anyone would like to give me a hand on this I would surely appreciate it as I am fresh out of ideas! I can forward router configurations to anyone who has the time and inclination to take a look at this problem. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Back to Back 2514 Via Async Ports and USR Modems


I'll take a look -

send me:

show run

shop ip route

show ip protocols

If this is non-production equipment (lab environment)do a 'debug all' and be prepared to capture a lot of info and do the ping. Use 'u all' to stop.

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