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back-to-back via AUX ports

Got two routers and want to use the AUX ports via back-to-back with a "rolled cable". I have followed this page ( ) to a T but I can not get RIP ver.2 to go over the AUX ports. Does anyone have any Ideas to make this work?

Plz be as detailed as possible. Thanks in advance!

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Re: back-to-back via AUX ports

As with any troubleshooting, we need to begin at the bottom. I would suggest the following:

- Verify the rollover cable is good. Hopefully it it not homemade. A breakout box or some other sort of cable tester should verify this. If that works:

- Reconnect the cable and make sure a noshut is done on both routers aux interfaces. If that works:

- Verify you are using the same version or RIP on both routers. RIP version I does not work with RIP version II. Either make both routers run ver. 1 or ver. 2. Since I did not see the RIP configs., I would also verify RIP is routing for the network you have set on both routers. I am sure you have this done already, but I thought I would throw it in anyway.

Hope this helps.


Re: back-to-back via AUX ports

can you post your config

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