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Backplane on 2926 vs. 2924/2950


I have been using a 2926T switch as my core for about 5 years with 2924's and 2950's at the access and dist. layers. I recently had to have my 2926 replaced. I substituted a 2950 in it's place to keep the network up. Now that I have the replacement, after reviewing the specs of each switch (backplane gbits/s), I see that the 2926 is inferior to that of the 2950. Upon reviewing literature from Cisco's site, the 2926 is in the same class with the 5000 series switches. These switches also have 1.Xgbps backplanes. My question is should I use the 2926 as my core switch or ditch it for the 2950? Also, what makes the 2926 such a special switch in that, until about 8 months ago, places like CDW advertized it for $10,000 - a 24 port 10/100 switch! This is the same $ as I paid over 5 years ago! What am I missing?

Cisco Employee

Re: Backplane on 2926 vs. 2924/2950

I can't speak for CDW or pricing, but as for the architecture question:

As you mentioned the 2926 is based on the older Cat5000 series and has a 1.2Gbps backplane.

The 2950 is more recent with 8.8Gbps switch fabric and more features.

For your size of network have you considered a 3550? It has more switching capacity and more feature rich than the 2950.

Bottom line, if the 2950 is performing for you then leave it. If you're looking to expand the capabilities of your core then look at the 3550.

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Re: Backplane on 2926 vs. 2924/2950


Thanks for your time.

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