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Backup Interface with VLANs

Is there any way to setup a hotfail backup interface for a fastE interface with VLAN dotq subinterfaces on a standard ethernet interface?

I'm prepping a 4500M+ router, with two fastE interfaces, one as an uplink to our main lan, the other as an uplink to the switch being fed off this router. I have a spare 2 port ethernet interface for the 4500 that I'd like to leverage as a hot spare set of backup interfaces, one going to each lan, only a different switch. The setup works untill I bring vlan tagging into the equation.

Cisco Employee

Re: Backup Interface with VLANs

yes, I don't think what you want to do is supported.

In other words, this feature was not designed to do such a thing and we didn't do any tests to see if it would work.

I would say you need to add another router to your network to backup your existing 4500. Then use HSRP on all the VLANs between the 2 routers.

New Member

Re: Backup Interface with VLANs

Drat, that takes a nice quick option and doubles the cost... I have a 7513 in a similar bind as I will be implimenting a vlan subinterface on it's primary lan interface and will have to break the backup-interface setup on it as well.

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