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backup route to 2nd, 3rd isp solution

I am searching for the most feasible backup route solution for my network. Here is my scenario:

ISP A --sonet--3550-----layer 3 switch primary-----|

\------layer 3 switch secondary--||


ISP B ---rpr --linux rtr---- 2611 -----------2924 sw

The 2 layer3 switches (4006 12.1.19x) are just using static routes to get to the isp. At 1st, I was just going to use a floating static route to ISP B, but, as I found out the hard way, it will not work just directly connected routes ( no dynamic routed proto). I only care about outbound traffic in a failover situation, hosted web site availability is not important in failover mode. I just want the users to be able to access the internet.

Should I:

A:) implement a dynamic routing protocol locally; both ISPs will not participate, thus making the floating static routes functional


B:) Implement policy based routing with icmp as the deciding factor?


PS. I plan on implementing a 3rd ISP at some point too.

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Re: backup route to 2nd, 3rd isp solution

I may be answering my own question, or posing another...

This link

shows how to make floating statics work with directly connected routes.

In my scenario, the primary route is though a vlan interface and the backup is though the 2611 which is connected via the 2924 to the 4006 switch port which resides in another vlan ( shouldn't matter).

The scenario in the above link uses physical interfaces.

Will it work with a logical interface and a switchport/host?

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