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Bad L2 LSP Packets

We received from a router on which isis is running these error messages:

* 440: %CLNS-3-CKSUMERR: ISIS: L2 LSP 0001.9614.3460.00-00 database checksum error,

* 250: %CLNS-4-LSPCKSUM: ISIS: Bad L2 LSP 0001.9614.3460.00-00 checksum 0197 received on Serial0/0.1, length 710, should be 0177, bad count 673

Could someone tell me what these messages mean exactly and what must i do?



Re: Bad L2 LSP Packets

This is what Output Interpreter says about this syslog.

An LSP was received either for IS-IS or NLSP, which failed an internal data checksum, but which passed the data-link checksum. The interface on which the LSP was received is indicated, along with the total count of checksum errors received, the LSP ID, and the level of the failing LSP. Usually this message indicates data corruption occurring on a link but also might indicate data corruption in the memory of a neighboring router.

Recommended Action:

If the error is in the memory of a neighboring router, the problem will correct itself within 15 minutes. That router will detect its internal error and regenerate the corrupted data. This case is usually indicated by a single LSP ID appearing repeatedly in these messages. The same LSP ID might appear in this message on other routers as well. If data-link corruption has caused the error, check the link for errors and deal with them appropriately. This case is usually indicated by a number of different LSP IDs appearing in these messages.

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