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Bandwidth intensive application over WAN

I appreciate any recommendations, I have a remote office needing to access a very bandwidth intensive application (scanned TIF images) currently we are looking at a 100Mb metro ethernet or DS3 type of link to our office where the DB resides. Are there any content caching products or new technology that would help me improve access to this application?


Re: Bandwidth intensive application over WAN

in order to accomodate content caching as you've described you need, for an enterprise class environment, you'll want to check out the Cisco CSS line of content switches.

a quick view of the CSS abilities for content caching includes:

(taken from cco documentation)

* examining network traffic for web content requests

* bypassing the cache automatically for non-cachable content

* distributing content requests to maximize cache hits

* bypassing the cache or redistributing requests among the remaining cache services if a cache service fails

* proxy caching capabilities.

among other capabilities, this device would allow you to create a 'farm' of web servers where your content can be housed utilizing faster response times and high availability.

please see the following link for more info on the CSS and its abilities:

(there are other 'model' versions of the CSS than the one linked here)

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Re: Bandwidth intensive application over WAN

Correction on previous poster: content caching product portfolio offered by Cisco is the Wide Area Application Services products, which include WAFS (Wide Area File Services) appliance, and WAE (Wide Area Application Engine) appliance. The latter is what you need.

FYI, the CSS series that the previous poster mentioned are load balancers.


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