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Bandwidth Limiting Commands

Hello group.

I have a question regarding limiting the bandwidth between two CISCO 2611 routers that I have connected back-to-back via X.21 Serial. I am trying to mimic a 256K WAN link between them. Up to now I have been varying the clock rate on the Serial Interface. But as there is no clock rate that I can vary on the DTE interface for 256K, what other commands can be used to do this? Is there some bandwidth or rate limiting commands that I can use?

Thanks for your assistance




Re: Bandwidth Limiting Commands

You cannot configure clocking on a DTE interface. With a back to back serial connection, one end must be connected with a DTE cable and the other with a DCE cable and configured for clocking to provide the clocking for the whole line in both directions.

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Re: Bandwidth Limiting Commands

Thanks for the prompt response. Yes, this is what I have done. I was not clear enough in my original message. The clocking I have implemented si for the whole line in both directions. The original problem of throttling the bandwith to 256K is still there though. Is there any commands other than clock manipulation that I can use to limit the data rate across the X.21 Serial Link?

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Re: Bandwidth Limiting Commands

You can use the ff commands:

a.) rate-limit - to limit in/out traffic on an interface

b.) traffic-shape - to limit out traffic only on an interface

Search on for sample configurations and IOS version.

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