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Bandwidth Management between ISDN & LL

Help Wanted To Configure Cisco 2610 Routers For The Following Scenario.

Between two locations, 2 X 64 Kbps Leased Lines.

Also ISDN connectivity of 128 Kbps, through VPN Service Provider.

Wanted effective guranteed bandwidth of 128 Kbps only in event of any one or both Leased Line failure.

i.e. if one of the L/L fails then only one B-Channel should be used for backup, and when the L/L is recovered then ISDN should disconnect.

If Both the L/L fails then, both the B-Channels of the ISDN should dial to VPN. & Incase one of the L/L is recovered then only one B-Channel should disconnect. When both the L/L are restored then both the B-Channels should disconnect.

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Re: Bandwidth Management between ISDN & LL


Yes this can be done. First create 2 dialer interface. This will be the interface you actually use while backing up LLs. One dialer interface will be pool 1 , the other will be pool 2. Then you should include BRI interface to both pool 1 & 2 using max & min parameters (dialer pool-member number [priority priority] [min-link minimum] [max-link maximum]). After for your LLs define those dialer interfaces as backup interfaces. You can also add additional dialer parameters so I don't mention those.

I think this will helps you.


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