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bandwidth management


We would like manage the bandwidth among different applications. Have a 2600 series router. I understand that by using CAR we can rate-limit the bandwidth among applications. But is it possible to allocate a certain bandwidth between applications , for eg. 128k for www , 128k for mail , 128k for FTP . Also incase one application is not using the allocated bandwidth then others should be able to use the same till that application starts using the its allocated bandwidth.


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Re: bandwidth management

Yes, it is possible to allot fixed bandwidth to the various applications. This can be configured using Traffic policing and traffic shaping commands. Class based shaping could be one solution. The following link might give you an insight into it.

Configuring Class-Based Shaping

I m not very sure of wheather thhe allocated bandwidth can be used by some other applications if the one supposed to doesnt use it. If anybody know this.I would be curious to know this.Anybody

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Re: bandwidth management


I have cisco 3660 -3660 by DSL (Watson E1) connect from my provider.

And I have several offices and main office, (inside building)

I want to take them guarantee bandwidth inside E1, but if one office don't work to his bandwidth could use main office.

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