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Bandwidth managment

I'm very confused now by all the terms which are used concerning bandwitdh managment.

I got 2 questions on which I can't find an answer or I get lost by all the technical terms.

1. Is it possible to limit users (by MAC/IP) bandwidth?

2. If so, which products can do that?

I'm looking for a router/switch solution and not by using a NT or Linux server or by QoS. I know that you can manage bandwidth with QoS, but it's on "application level".

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Re: Bandwidth managment

Yes... you can control the bandwidth by IP and even MAC. Actually this is done with QoS, but don't worry you don't have touch the app. layer. You just need to use CAR (Commited Access Rate) and you are set. Is easy to use and very versatile, you can apply BW management to a hosts, subnets and MAC with a simple ACL's.

CAR is supported by 12.2 IOS's and some 12.1

Here's a couple of links that can help u


Re: Bandwidth managment

Thank you for your help, I only can't acces the links you posted: "


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I seem not to have enough acces with my current profile.

I'm not a customer (yet). I work for a "solution partner" but can't find that option.

Could someone be so kind to post some products (product-line) which are able to manage bandwidth per ip or MAC?

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