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Bandwidth problem


I am building a network where I have to connect Cat 2950G switches in a chain fashion. That is, fiber/UTP uplink connected from first switch to second and from second switch to third switch. Does this any way affect the BW at the end-user? I am putting up this question because, the client is expecting 100 Mbps at the end user.

Please let me know about this matter.



Re: Bandwidth problem

the network is only going to be as fast as its slowest piece. If you are running 100 mbps to the desktop, then you will get 100 mbps. If you are 10 mbps shared, then your bandwidth will most likely be in the 4 mpbs range.

Community Member

Re: Bandwidth problem

I am using 100Mbps NIC card for the user and the ports in 2950G are 10/100 Mbps capacity. Then, can I assume by your statement that, I can get 100Mbps at the end user.



Cisco Employee

Re: Bandwidth problem

The speed you will be able to get per user will depend on various factor. If all users are configured for 100M, you may see differences on the performance point-of-view depending where they are. For 2 users communicating on the same switch, you should be able to near 100M. Though, if the users communicating together are on different switches, the speed they can expect between each other will depend on the link utilisation between the switches.

Hence, the speed you will have will depend on the "slowest" link on the path between the measured users.

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