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bandwidth remaining percent command problem


I tried to configure bandwidth remaining percent 30 on the class qiye under Policy-map test,but it notify me that " bandwith should be consistent units",my ios version is c3600-12.2(15)T with JS feature.Please help me solve this problem.Thank you in advance.


Re: bandwidth remaining percent command problem

The "bandwidth remaining percent" command allows you to allocate bandwidth as a relative percentage of the total bandwidth available on the interface. This command allows you to specify the relative percentage of the bandwidth to be allocated to the classes of traffic. For instance, you can specify that 30 percent of the available bandwidth be allocated to class1, and 60 percent of the bandwidth be allocated to class2. In essence, you are specifying the ratio of the bandwidth to be allocated to the traffic class. In this case, the ratio is 1 to 2 ie.,30 percent allocated to class1 and 60 percent allocated to class2. The sum of the numbers used to indicate this ratio cannot exceed 100 percent. This way, you need not know the total amount of bandwidth available, just the relative percentage you want to allocate for each traffic class.

The percentages needs to be a multiple /ratio from each other like 30 - 60 1:2 or 10- 30- 60 1:3:6 If you don't use this ratio then this message is getting displayed.

You can go through the following document to get more information regarding this.

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