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Bandwidth Throttling

We are replicating data in one direction from Site A to Stie B. The source is a set of servers on Site A's LAN. The servers belong to three subnets. Only those servers reside in those subnets.

Site A has two core 6509 switches. These two switches each connect to a CE router. Each CE router connects to a PE router. The PE routers connect to two MPLS clouds at 130 Mbps.

It is similar at Site B.

What I want to do is limit the servers' traffic to 25 Mbps from Site A to Site B. Where is it best to rate-limit the traffic (6509 switch, CE router, or PE router)?

How would I go about doing that? I'm not asking for specific commands right now, but just an overview (e.g. use WRED). In other words, which software feature should I use?


Re: Bandwidth Throttling

If you are going to rate-limit the total bandwidth for a customer, it is best to do it as close to the edge of the network as possible. In this case, I would mirror the rate-limits on both sides. I would rate-limit on the CE router as long as you manage and control this device.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Bandwidth Throttling

Since you are limiting the traffic in between Site A's server LANs and Site B's server LANs, I would suggest do it on the core 6509 switches before the traffic leaves your internal networks.

A few things you can do on Site A 6509. For site B, it would be just the inverse of sourse and destination.

a. Define a access list. Source is Site A's replication servers, destination is Site B's replication servers;

b. Define a class map to match the access list;

c. Define a policy map for the class and set rate limit to 25Mbps;

d. Apply the policy map to the output of the 6509 interface that connects to your CE.

PLease let me know how this works out for you.


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