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Basic BGP -trying again-

Looking for fault tollerance to our site via two seperate ISPs using one multihomed router - not using any IGPs - and want to limit inbound BGP routes to only changes to the default route from either ISP. See config below and let me know what you think. New to BGP so input would be helpful.


router bgp 26568

no bgp fast-external-fallover

bgp log-neighbor-changes

network (local class c address) mask

timers bgp 10 30

neighbor (ISP A address) remote-as 7018

neighbor (ISP A address) description BGP to ISP A

neighbor (ISP A address) prefix-list route-control in

neighbor (ISP A address) filter-list 2 out

neighbor (ISP B address) remote-as 1239

neighbor (ISP B address) description BGP to Sprint

neighbor (ISP B address) prefix-list route-control in

neighbor (ISP B address) filter-list 2 out

ip as-path access-list 2 permit ^$

ip prefix-list route-control seq 5 permit

Interface S0/0

description interface to ISP A

Interface S0/1

description interface to ISP B

IP route (ISP A interface)

IP route (ISP B interface)

ip route (local class C network address) Null0 250


Re: Basic BGP -trying again-

If you are receiving default routes from the ISP ( or if u r receiving full routes, but you want to intake only the default route)....then there is no need to use two static default routes. ISP would automaticaly send a default route through BGP.

Also if you want load balancing to be done, you might want to use "maximum-paths 2 " which would help in adding both the default routes for routing packets. This would help only in outbound load balancing though..

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