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Basic question on VLAN

I got the following scenario:




Catalyst 2924


|----- baystack1





and so on

What I want is to create 300 VLANs, each one for each port of these Baystack switches (it's a hotel so we want to prevent guests from being able to access any resources on other guest's computers).

I created 300 VLANs on my Proxy and set the 2924 as transparent. On the Baystacks I used, let's say, vlan 101 to 124 for switch #1, vlan 201 to 224 for switch #2 and so on.

My problem is that this 2924 supports only up to 64 tagged VLANs and I need at least 300.

Is there anything I could do in order to accomplish that ? If not, what's the next switch that supports at least 300 VLANs ?

I appreciate any help.

Rodrigo Otaviano


Re: Basic question on VLAN

Hi Rodrigo,

Some 2900Xl switches also support upto 250 vlans but some only support 64 vlans.

2950 supoprts your requirement but again the spanning tree instance will be only 64. You can create more than 300 vlans on 2950 swithes but STP will work only for 64 vlans.

Check this link out



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Re: Basic question on VLAN

Thanks Ankur for your quick response.

I did some reading and it seems the 2950 with EI image installed supports up to 250 VLANs within the range from 1006 to 4094 as you previously mentioned.

I didn't find any information though that states I can create more than 300 different VLAN IDs.

See below:

Have I overlooked anything ?

Re: Basic question on VLAN

HI Rop,

I think you are right sorry I missed that part.

I think the option left will be then 3550 switch which supports 1005 vlans and also STP instance for 128 vlans.



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