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Basic routing problem


I have 2500 series with a network attached to e0:

and e2:

Clients on each network can ping the network interface ip, i can ping both interfaces from hyperterminal but clients cannot ping interface or clients on the other network e.g. e0 network client cannot ping or

ip routing is enabled and there are no firewalls running.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks in adv


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Re: Basic routing problem

Hello Greg,

try the global command ´ip classless´:

Router#conf t

Router(config)#ip classless

and see if that makes a difference.




Re: Basic routing problem

The only other thing it could be would be to make sure the default gateway on the clients nic cards are pointed the router interface of the network they are attached to . Also make sure the mask on the client pc is correct. Do a show ip route , do you see both networks shown as connected routes ????

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Re: Basic routing problem

I believe that Glen has identified the problem. I believe that Greg gave us a significant pointer to the problem when he said:

network client cannot ping or

The PC can ping the router interface it is connected to but can not ping the router interface on the other network. Obviously if the ping got to the router, then the router has a return path to the PC (because the PC can ping the interface to which it is connected). But the ping does not get to the router because the PC has a problem with its default gateway definition (or perhaps masking problems).

Greg could test this out by doing debug ip icmp on the router and then attempting to ping from the PC. The debug will how that ping packets are received if the PC pings and no ping packets will be received if the PC ping



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Re: Basic routing problem

Sorted guys thanks :)

I forgot to set the defualt gateways on the clients (how foolish !)


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