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Bay network "instant message" router, ISDN configuration

My boss have asked me to modify the ISDN configuration of a Bay network router. the router is a "INSTANT MESSAGE" . I know how to do this operation on cisco device thanks to my ccna certification. The big problem is that I don't know nortel device, I have never worked on a bay router before. What I have to do is very easy but I don't know how to start .So the modification consist in changing the ISDN old parameters and put new ones : phone number, authentication mode (chap), login and password.

I would like some information about how to connect on the device (hyperteminal or specific tool), ? where to find the ISDN config. thanks for your help, this is my first job and first mission, I would like to make it well. any advice or great link would be appreciate.

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Re: Bay network "instant message" router, ISDN configuration

I have made a mistake it's INSTANT INTERNET not instant message

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