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BBSM clients cannot access internet

I have trouble getting the BBSM server functional. Hope someone can help me.

We have installed and configured BBSM 5.2 software on a compaq

proliant ML 370 server following the stpes in the installation and user

manuals. Now none of the clients can browse the internet. If I check the

"enable transparent proxy" or specify proxy in client's browser only browsing works. But the problem is that applications like Yahoo messenger, msn messenger do not work. I do not want to enable the transparent proxy. What could be the problem?

Please find below the details of BBSM software configuration:

service pack - 1

patches - PMS fidelio patch

Server hardware - Compaq

External NIC - Compaq NC3163 Fast Ethernet NIC

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:


Default Gateway: (IP address of the DMZ interface of the

PIX 515E Firewall. Since I had a doubt about the firewall causing the

problem, I have tried bypassing the firewall by directly connecting the

server's external NIC to the router and changing router's ethernet IP

address to But there is no difference.)

Internal NIC - D-Link DFE-550TX FAST Ethernet 10/100 Adapter

IP address

subnet mask

No Default Gateway


Switches used - Core switch - Cisco 3550 - IOS 12.1(11)EA1

Client switches- Cisco 2950 - IOS 12.1(11)EA1

Status of the BBSM server -

Switch discovery wizard completed succesfully.

Able to map rooms and run port test succesfully

When browser is set with proxy server browsing works

When "enable transparent proxy" is checked - only able to browse

When "enable transparent proxy" is unchecked - no internet connection

from clients.

Enabled forwarding on the DNS server by specifying ISP dns server IPs as forwarders. Name resolution takes place meaning that when I try to ping to a hostname, It resolves the name to its IPaddress. Also not able to browse using IP address of web site from client PC, but it is possible from the server.

Also noticed the following error in the windows event log:

Event ID: 20106

Description: Unable to add the interface Internal with the Router

Manager for the IP protocol. The following error occurred: The parameter

is incorrect.

I read posted message that all switch ports should be mapped in order for BBSM to operate correctly. Is this true?If this is correct do I need to map only those number of ports which I have specified as No. of client ports in the switch configuration? This is because we are not using all the ports on a switch for BBSM clients.


Jai Abraham


Re: BBSM clients cannot access internet

I am not sure though, one thing that is bothering me is the DNS addresses configured on both the NICs. It is pointing to, a loopback address. Wondering how is the name resolution is working.

New Member

Re: BBSM clients cannot access internet

Make sure you have a route inside statement on your firewall. check whether or not you've added forwarder records. I also made a new zone within DNS for the domain name you are using and added a record for the bbsm server.

New Member

Re: BBSM clients cannot access internet


I'm having exactly the same difficulties as you, I have the outside interface of the BBSM directly connected to the internet router ( no pix in the middle)

and what I see, ( at least my bigger problem) is that https does not get forwarded, and I suspect that any other applications using different ports besides port 80 doesn't also.

I've already opened a tac case, but the answer wasn't that clarifying.

May it be a bug?

I saw in ISA server management that on the protocol rules ALL IS OPEN! so why doesn't it work? Is it related to the start pages? or is the atNat driver performing in a way that overrides the ISA server configuration.

When sniffing a client PC and the internal interface I can see the packet with destination 443 leaving the client, but it does not arrive to the inside interface. Perhaps the driver is lower level that the sniffer I'm using, and interceps the packets.

Sorry about the confusing post, but at least be assured that you're not the only one with this problem.


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