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BBSM HotSpot and NULL client connects to router

What is the mechanism for timing out clients with this switch type? Can the time be adjusted via the web interface? Are there any tools that can monitor the client session on the interface itself besides the Web interface (maybe an atnatcmd command?).


Re: BBSM HotSpot and NULL client connects to router

If you are using a switch type with packet inactivity, the client will be disconnect in the time

specified in the Packet -inactivity Period, set by the WEBconfig on the Switches web page.

Also note that if the customer visited a site that continues to send packets even after the customer has shut down their PC, the session may take longer to terminate.

If you are using a HUB switch type, the BBSM will look at the Aging Period. The client will be

disconnected when the aging period expires.

If you are using the link status switch and the client does not disconnect the Ethernet cable

physically but just shuts down their PC, and they happen to have a PC where the ethernet card stays alive, the client will still show up as active since the link status is still up.

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