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BBSM questions

1. If you add a switch to BBSM with say 24 ports and chain a 24 port hub off of switch port 1, will BBSM be ok with that? Or will it lock port 1 because of seeing 24 people on that port?

2. if you add a switch to BBSM that has a management ip address on VLAN4, but the ports for the site are on VLAN2 will BBSM be ok with that? How would I handle that situation? Set the switch IP address to be the same as the BBSM site?


Re: BBSM questions

A1: Generally BBSM will work with this scenario but all hub clients will look like they connected to the same port ID. Therefore PageSets that rely on portID for billing purposes will not work. However you can still use pagesets such as Radius or AccessCode.

A2: This scenario is supported in BBSM 5.3 with dot1q encapsulation. BBSM 5.3 supports two VLANs, one for management and another one for clients.

Another possible solution to this problem is to install router between BBSM and switch which will handle traffic for each of the VLANs.

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