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Best Practice for 2 Internet connections using NAT

I have our HQ site in Hampton and a large subordinate site in Norfolk connected by 2 Full T-1s. We currently have only 1 internet connection in Hampton which is connected to the only PIX 515 firewall we have. I am adding a additional Internet connection in Norfolk and want to install a second PIX 515 firewall at the Norfolk site. The intent is Internet redundency and to free up bandwidth on the 2 T-1 that connect Hampton and Norfolk. We are using private IP space and NAT. The final goal is that if the Internet connection fails in Hampton then users will automatically be redirected to the good connection in Norfolk. Sorry this is long but it is a first for me to configure. Can anyone give me some best practice examples or point me to some how to....please Thanks

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Re: Best Practice for 2 Internet connections using NAT

I am also looking for information on this...we have 2 T1's and one is active and the will only kick up when the primary is down. We use a PIX 515 and PAT...i need a way to dynamically change the PAT process to the network of the other T1 so traffic can be sent out that interface as well only when primary is down.....i don't know if it is possible

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