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Best Router

I am planning make my network Multihomed by taking two leased lines from two different ISP's to provide load balancing and redundancy. I have a website running in my premises. I want to acomplish this by installing BGP on a Cisco router. My problem is which router to select. Some one suggested me a 1751 which suits my requirements, since I have one DSL line coming from one ISP but I understand that BGP requires a lot of RAM and processing power.

Can someone guide me which router should I go for 1751 or 2600 or 3620 or a high end 7200 series router (which does not support DSL connection).

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Re: Best Router

The person that told you that BGP requires a lot of ram was probably referring to the full internet BGP table. I doubt that you would want to run this, as it would probably use up most of the connection to the internet just in updates.

If you can have your ISP send you a default route aggregation, and you just send your network's info, that shouldn't need much horsepower to run. is a link to sprint's bgp policy.

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