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Best type of routing to use

I have a 7 location WAN all with 2621 routers. I'm currently running RIP on them. Would another type of routing protocol be better? They all come into one central location which is another 2621 and that is the only connection they make to the outside.


Re: Best type of routing to use

You could reduce your traffic across the wan links by running EIGRP.

THat would be a vendor specific soluton.

Ask yourself how well is the network performing today first


Re: Best type of routing to use

In a hub and spokes topology, where the only route between any two spokes goes through the hub, there is nothing to be gained by running a protocol other than RIPv2. If you are running RIP v1, you should migrate to RIPv2 while you still have only seven locations to worry about. Do not fall for the fallacy that you need to change protocols to speed up link failure detection. This can be done quite easily with RIP by adjusting the timers (see the "timers basic" command for Cisco routers).

With only seven locations, any routing protocol will do the job, the advantages of OSPF and EIGRP only show up when there are diverse routes available between sites, which is not the case in hub and spokes. See some of my earlier postings (or chapter seven of my book) for more on protocol architectures suitable for large (hundreds of sites) hub and spoke networks.

Good luck and have fun!

Vincent C Jones

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