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Best way to summarize PPP server local pool for EIGRP

Hello All,

First time trying out the forum and figured I see if I didn't need ot reinvent the wheel. I have an upcoming project where we have a bank of 5 PPP servers connected by an ethernet segment to a frame relay link. The frame relay link carries the remaote access users' traffic to the corporate LAN. This project will be adding in a 2nd frame relay link for redundancy to a seperate site. Some subnets will now have a preference for frame link A and some will have a preference for frame link B. We are going to try to implement EIGRP for this routing. I do not want the frame relay routers at the PPP server farm end of the frame links (Cisco2501's) to recompute routes every time a VTY goes up or down. I would prefer to summarize the local pools at the ethernet interface of the PPP server, but my understanding is that the summary address should be usee for networks that the EIGRP router is not participating in. Any ideas?


Re: Best way to summarize PPP server local pool for EIGRP

You can use auto summarization available with EIGRP or can do manual summarization, this depends upon how big is ur subnet.

Use this link for more information:

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