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BGP and the "next-hop-self" peer command.

I was under the impression that eBGP peers ALWAYS set the next hop IP attribute to itself. I thought that iBGP was the only time the "next-hop-self" command was even valid. I know, however, it can be configured with external BGP peers, but I thought it was useless.

I read somewhere that this was not the case with partial mesh NBMA networks.

Am I right or wrong about eBGP peers always setting the next hop attribute to themselves?


Re: BGP and the "next-hop-self" peer command.

Hello Adam,

The following link will help you!

This is one of the cases where you need to set next-hop-self even if you have a EBGP session. THe media used is NBMA (framerelay for example). This occurs, usually in partial mesh NBMA networks. Check the link, and get back wi th us if you have any questions.

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Re: BGP and the "next-hop-self" peer command.

Thanks! Now, I understand.

I guess I have never run into this issue because we don't use that type of environment for our customer's network. If we are using ATM or Frame Relay, for example, we usually connect them via sub-interface point-to-point interfaces thus eliminating this problem.

Thanks again....

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