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BGP Configuration

Good day

In the process of configuring BGP, I have employed three routers A, B and C

Router A - Model 1750 with WIC 2A/S wan card, IOS :c1700-sv3y-mz.121-3.T

Router B - Model 1750 with WIC 2A/S and WIC 1T wan card ,

IOS :c1700-sv3y-mz.121-3.

Router C- Model 1751 with WIC 1T wan card and WIC 1B S/T isdn card,

IOS: c1700-y-mz.122.2.xk2.bin

Router A and B obliged for BGP configuration. Router C did not oblige. When I issue the command

RouterC (config) # router bgp 400

the error message displayed was unknown routing protocol.

I have erased the flash of Router C and loaded the IOS c1700-sv3y-mz.121-3 as the flash is 16MB size. It accepted the flash but did not recognize the wan card and isdn card. It recognizes only fast ethernet port. I have erased the flash again and reloaded the original ios. It recognized the wan and isdn cards.

I would be grateful if someone guides me What could be the problem and what is the solution?



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Re: BGP Configuration


You need to make sure that the software you use detects the hardware in the router. The router C IOS is IP only so you are not able to run BGP. You need to have IP Plus IOS to configure BGP. Go to the hardware software compatibilty matrix to find a IOS for the hardware you using. Hope this helps.

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Re: BGP Configuration

Thank u hamed

How about the ios c1700-sv3y-mz.121-3.T ? It is supporting BGP. Bit when I loaded that in Router C(1751 with flash 16MB) it accepts the IOS and boots normally but the wan cards are not recognized. Where can I get the solution for the compatibility issue?

Once again thanks in advance

With regards


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