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BGP failover not working.

We have 2 external routers, OSPF on the inside and BGP on the outside.

We had some cabling people knock out our primary router cable at 7:45 one morning, and it didn't cut over to the secondary router, after 15 minutes the problem was identified and the circuit restored.

I have tested the fail over by disconnecting the cable, after 10 minutes it still hadn't failed over so I logged onto the secondary router to check it out. I pinged the next hop, and then the link came up (I'm not sure if it was coincidence as I didn't check the link for another minute, it may not have been instantaneous).

I plugged the cable in and rebooted the second router to restore the route to the primary and tried it all again, this time it cut over after 3 minutes.

Did the ping kick it into life, why would this be the case?


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Re: BGP failover not working.

need your configuration and network topoloy ?


Re: BGP failover not working.

You need to explain how you are trying to implement failover. It sounds like the backup link is good but how are you telling your network to use it?

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