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BGP icmp Message:BGP: Applying map to find origin for x.x.5.0/24

I've put what I hope is the relevant portions of the config in the body here. I'm curious about the message as this router is supposed to be the origin for the subnet in the first place?

interface Vlan99

ip address x.x.5.1

router bgp 65004

no synchronization

bgp log-neighbor-changes

network x.x.5.0 mask

neighbor remote-as 65004

neighbor next-hop-self

neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound

neighbor x.x.72.109 remote-as XXXX

neighbor x.x.72.109 password 7 blahblahblah

neighbor x.x.72.109 soft-reconfiguration inbound

neighbor x.x.72.109 route-map asXXXXonly in

no auto-summary

ip as-path access-list 30 permit ^XXXX$

route-map asXXXXonly permit 10

match as-path 30

Thanks for any help!


Re: BGP icmp Message:BGP: Applying map to find origin for x.x.5.

Is your BGP routing operation working normally? If yes, and even then you receive this msg, then I am sure it is a normal BGP message which prints when 'debug ip bgp' is enabled. The BGP scanner process runs every 60 seconds and verifies a variety of things such as verifying the validity of bgp route origin. So basically it looks as though someone has turned debugging on. Please issue the "show debug" command as this will show what specific debugging is on. You can disable it by .

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Re: BGP icmp Message:BGP: Applying map to find origin for x.x.5.

Hi Thanks for the response...

Yes BGP is running correctly. The block in question is being correctly advertised and accepted by my upstream provider. I turned on the debugging myself to try and diagnose another issue that I had solved and that's when I saw this message. You could very well be correct in that it is a normal message? But in not knowing I was curious.

Thanks again.

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