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BGP Neighbor is Idle

Need a possible cause and solution...BGP neighbor statement was configured but now removed from Router1. The neighboring BGP router,Router2, isn't running BGP anymore.

Why would Router1 attempt to Establish a BGP relationship with Router2?

Situation: Router1 still seeing Router2 as a neighbor which is IDLE.

Router01#sh ip bgp nei Router2

BGP neighbor is Router02, remote AS 65017, internal link

Member of peer-group iBGPPEERS for session parameters

BGP version 4, remote router ID

BGP state = Idle

Last read 3w5d, hold time is 180, keepalive interval is 60 seconds

Received 247577 messages, 0 notifications, 0 in queue

Sent 234867 messages, 0 notifications, 0 in queue

Route refresh request: received 0, sent 0

Default minimum time between advertisement runs is 5 seconds

No address family activated

Connections established 1; dropped 1

Last reset 3w5d, due to Peer closed the session

No active TCP connection

Cisco Employee

Re: BGP Neighbor is Idle

Basically, you are not seeing router2 as a neighbour to you, the last line clearly indicates 'No active TCP connection' there is no session b/w the two routers. Since you have a peer-group iBGPPEERS configured on router1 and router2 was member of this peer-group, it is still trying to neighbour with router2, it will keep trying to re-connect and keep failing. If you remove the peer-group statement from router1 as well, you'll see that this is gone too.



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