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BGP on High Availability MSFCs config queries

I have four 6513s, each with dual Sup 2 cards, each Sup2 has the MSFC2.

The MSFCs have been configured with High Availability so I have 8 active routers. They are split equally between 2 sites. They talk to each other and our WAN routers using OSPF. They run CatOS on the Sup2 and IOS on the MSFC.

A new WAN backbone has recently been installed and this uses BGP. There are two BGP links from this WAN, one to each site. Due to various reasons, an existing OSPF WAN router on each site was configured to perform the OSPF to BGP redistribution. These routers are managed for us and I want to bring the redistribution in house and remove the single points of failure.

Here are my queries;

Can I use the alt keyword when creating my neighbors or network statements?

If not, how do I get the MSFCs in the same 6513 to recognise each other as a BGP peer?

Should I use a route reflector?

I will be using route maps and manipulating the med metric to ensure proper routing between sites.

Any advice would be welcome.




Re: BGP on High Availability MSFCs config queries


I would suggest removing the complexity and running the MSFC2s in SRM mode (or if possible Native IOS?). That way you will only have 4 routers to configure (much easier).

For the BGP stuff configure the two WAN 'bordering' routers to eBGP to the WAN sites and iBGP between the two you are looking after. Redistribute the internal OSPF routes into BGP and either redistribute a default ( or summaries from BGP into OSPF.


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