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BGP OSPF redistribution

Hi all,

I'm currently LABing up BGP/OSPF redistribution, and I seem to be having a few problems.

I'm a complete newbie to BGP, but I'm OK with OSPF (Probably still nowhere near as good as a lot of you but we've all got to learn!)

I have attached my network Map, and a sample of the relevent configs used.

Basicly, the OSPF routes are redistributing into BGP fine, but the only BGP routes that are redistributing into OSPF are the ones directly attached to the Border Routers (the 172.16 networks)

None of the 'core' networks are being redistributed into OSPF, even though these routes are being recieved via BGP on the border routers.

Am I missing something?




Re: BGP OSPF redistribution


did you configure something like this:

router ospf 10

redistribute bgp 65000 subnets

router bgp 65000

redistribute ospf 10 match internal external

Then you should not get problems. Be aware also, that redistribution will only take those network in the IP routing table. F.e. "redistribute bgp 65000 subnets" will only redistribute those networks seen by "show ip route bgp".

Hope this helps! PLease rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

P.S.: I was not able to open your JPG - the forum server didn´t seem to allow me to ...


Re: BGP OSPF redistribution


The redistribution seems fine.

"redistribute bgp 1 metric 1000 subnets" However only networks that put into the BGP table by defining them staticly are being redistributed.

Can you show us your BGP table "show ip bgp"? Do the routes learned from the internal peer have an incmplete ("?") origin.

Also can you check if synchronization is enabled. You can do this with the command "show ip protocols". Disabling synchronization can often help solve problems.



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Re: BGP OSPF redistribution

BTW, to open the attachment you need to click on the blue down-arrow, not on the filename.. It threw me for a while!


Cisco Employee

Re: BGP OSPF redistribution

iBGP learnt routes don't get redistributed into an IGP by default.

If these bgp routes you want to redistribute into ospf are learnt via iBGP, you need to configure "bgp redistribute-internal" under the BGP process for these routes to be redistributed.

Hope this helps,

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Re: BGP OSPF redistribution

Guys, thanks for the responses!

Sorry I haven't replied earlier, we didn't recieve email notification of a response, and i was just logging in now to plead my case again!

For some reason it also didn't show your replies until after i put on a Bump message! Weird.

I will give the things a try that you have suggested and get back to you, but It may be next week now as I'm absolutely swamped with mundane-ass paperwork :-(

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