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BGP Rookie

I have a customer that wants to have redundant / fault tolerant links to two different ISP's. Currently he is using ISDN (128k) and is considering going DSL or fractional T1 for the other line.

Are there any problems running BGP with ISDN. Am I in for a hard time or should this go pretty smoothly? Any help is appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: BGP Rookie

with low BW link BGP will take for sure a certain amount of time to download the internet routing table.

If you don't need loadbalancing over your ISPs, you could ask them to just send you a default route via BGP. Like this you don't have to worry about BGP download time.

Also, I'm not sure what type of router your customer is using but if you plan to get the full internet routing table, you have to make sure the router has enough memory.

However, I would recommend the easier solution to just get a default route from your ISPs.

New Member

Re: BGP Rookie


The best solution for you is default route + maybe networks

of the upstream provider via BGP.

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Re: BGP Rookie

Thanks for your help. I was able to convince him that he did not need to have load balancing and just use default routes.

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