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BGP, route-map, and access-list???

I need some help. I am running bgp on a 3640 I have two lines to the internet, one to Sprint and one to UUNet. The UUNet line is taking all the traffic while the Sprint line takes almost none. I have three class c that I need to route out. Here is the config I put in

Neighbor 1x.xx.xx.xx route-map to-uunet out

neighbor 2x.xx.xx.xx route-map to-sprint out

access-list 1 permit 208.1x.xx.0

access-list 1 permit 208.2x.xx.69.0

access-list 2 permit 65.xx.xx.0

route-map to-uunet permit 10

match ip address 1

route-map to-uunet permit 20

match ip address 2

set metric 10

route-map to-sprint permit 10

match ip address 1

set metri 10

route-map to-sprint permit 20

match ip address 2

I put this in and nothing changes. I do a "clear ip bgp *" I lose connection for a while and then it comes back but I'm still not balancing the load any better. I have been on the phone with UUNet for three days, and they have no idea what they are talking about. Thanks for your help in advance.



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Re: BGP, route-map, and access-list???


it would be better if you could advertise 1 network to UUNET and the same network advertised to Sprint with prepends(set as-path prepend). And the reverse with the other network. This will help you for redundancy if one link fails.

Secondly, you could prefer using prefix lists instead of access lists. as access lists dont support the incremental update feature.



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Re: BGP, route-map, and access-list???

Check-out the above link. It shows "Load Sharing when Multihomed to Two ISPs via a Single Local Router". Sorry I can't be of more help, we set=up using defferent routers for each connection to each ISP.

Hope this helps, Bob

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Re: BGP, route-map, and access-list???


Thanks for the post. My config is almost identical to this, the only difference is that I used "metric" instead of "weight", and I used "out" instead of "in" at the end of the neighbor command. The problem is that when I do a "sh route-map" it shows that nothing is matching my route-map. I've cleared the bgp routes, but that doesn't change anything. Thansks for any help.



ps What is the Cisco Consultant Program

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