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BGP timers


I have an issue with a bgp session. i discovered that the bgp session flaps because hold timer is 90 sec and keepalive timer is 30 sec. I try to change these timers but the router doesn't change them. It follow like first.

Can I do to change this?

Can I give a command clear ip bgp x.x.x.x?

Thank you.




Re: BGP timers

You do need to reset the connection with the peer before the change are effective.

The "clear ip bgp " is indeed correct.


New Member

Re: BGP timers


Even if I do the clear command the timers remain the same.

In the bgp configuration there is the command neighbor soft-reconfiguration. Maybe is this command that permit to my router to receive the timer configuration?

How should I do not to permit this?


Regards, Paolo

New Member

Re: BGP timers

i think bgp negotiates the timer with the neigbor if i am not mistaken if you have a higher number and ur neighbor has a lower number it will take the lower number .


Adjusting BGP Timers

BGP uses certain timers to control periodic activities such as the sending of keepalive messages, and the interval after not receiving a keepalive message after which the Cisco IOS software declares a peer dead. By default, the keepalive timer is 60 seconds, and the holdtime timer is 180 seconds.You can adjust these timers. When a connection is started, BGP will negotiate the hold time with the neighbor. The smaller of the two hold times will be chosen. The keepalive timer is then set based on the negotiated hold time and the configured keepalive time. To adjust BGP timers for all neighbors, use the timers bgp command, beginning in router configuration mode


hope it helps

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