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BGP Updates prioritization!!

Hi, everyone!

I`m using QoS using CBWFQ with Frame-Relay; and if i configure:


policy-map QOS-NAME

class VOICE

bandwidth percent 50


class DataPlus

bandwidth percent 25


class-map match-all DataPlus

match access-group name DataPlus


ip access-list extended DataPlus


permit tcp any any eq bgp

permit tcp any eq bgp any



I know that BGP updates have a higher precedence even than voice (7 or something like that)..but i`d like to know if this kind of class-map giving certain "preference" overrides the ip prcedence default of the routing updates...

I hope you can help me with this question...

Thanks a lot

Alfonso Resendiz

Community Member

Re: BGP Updates prioritization!!

When using CBWFQ you can only define 75 % of the bandwidth. The other 25 % is going to be used for all of the management traffic, such as routing updates, so you do not have to worry about anything getting priority over bgp. Ypu will always be guarenteed up to 25 % for this.

Community Member

Re: BGP Updates prioritization!!

Hi msdonahue!

Thanks for your answer, i forgot to tell you, than in this case i´m not using a serial Interface, i´m using a RPM card (MGX8830), using MultiLink and Virtual Template interfaces, and it makes me use the command max-reserved-bandwidth in order to apply the policy to the interfaces...i´m using max-reserved-bandwidth 85, because is the only way the rpm lets me use the policies, with serial interfaces i´ve no problems...

I hope u can answer me again..


Community Member

Re: BGP Updates prioritization!!

Hi, guys!

Any update?, i´d like to know if this configuration on a RPM can affect my bgp updates..


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