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blocking ports

Hello, I'm trying to block certain ports used for internet radio to restore some bandwidth. I used etherpeek to see the ports being used and it says source port is 20088 and destination port is 49153. I put this command into my cisco 2621 router and it didn't work.

access-list 100 deny tcp any any eq 49153

Is there something I'm missing? Help!


Re: blocking ports

Is it tcp or udp- Did u apply the access list to some interface-- Use access list 100 ip instead of tcp and make sure you apply the list to the interface...

New Member

Re: blocking ports

That may be it. I don't think I applied it to an interface! Is there a way to block multiple ports at once? Say I want to block all ports in the 49000-49999 range?

New Member

Re: blocking ports

Remember that ACL always have a deny all row even if it dont show up in config.

ip access-list 100 deny udp any any range 49000 49999

ip access-list 100 permit ip any any

interface X y/y

ip access-group 100 in/out

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