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Bonding T1's via PPP Multilink

Attempting to bond two T1's between a 7513 and 7200. Orig T1 (minus two channels) shows no errors moving to PPP multilink. The new full T1 suffers interface resets every 60 seconds EXACTLY. Swapping T1s between router interfaces, the reseting follows the new T1 not the interface. Placing the new T1 in production as the sole link w/o Multilink enabled gives "0" resets. The carrier can find no problem with the new T1. Has anyone experienced this? Found THE answer?

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Re: Bonding T1's via PPP Multilink

Are you showing any slip seconds for that controller? Sometimes multiple T1s are actually terminating in different CSUs at the telco and get different clocks that confuse your router.


Re: Bonding T1's via PPP Multilink

In my opinion, PPP multilink is often a fool's errand. It's just too flaky. You want load balancing over multiple links? CEF. End of story.

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Re: Bonding T1's via PPP Multilink

Do you know how to trunk 28 T1's on multichannel DS3?

I need teh actual configurations.

I am trying to get two routers to talk to exch other.

The problem is that I have one full DS3 card in one router, and a multichannel DS3 in the other.

I am trying to trunk the multichannel DS3, so it will become one full DS3 pipe. Then I believe I can have both cards talking on one full DS3 pipe?

ANy help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Bonding T1's via PPP Multilink

You need a M13 multilplexer in order to get your channelized DS3 to run at full speed. DS1's and DS3's use Time division multiplexing (which is huge waste of bandwidth). At the DS3 level I would almost recommend you go ATM which would more effectively use the bandwidth.

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