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boot problems (unable to access console)

I have 1602R router that appears to boot okay, but when I try to type it does nothing. At first I thought there may be something wrong with the console port but I am able to 'break' the router into rommon and issue commands at that prompt (indicating to me that the physical console port is fine).

I booted the router into bootrom by pulling the flash card and that exibits the same behaviour as booting via flash, which worries me.

**NOTE: when booting into bootrom the 'system ok' light flashes continuously like it is still loading...forever, but the regular flash image does not do this (light eventually goes solid).

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Re: boot problems (unable to access console)

check the config register in rommon mode and see if the console interface configuration is right.

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Re: boot problems (unable to access console)

Are you using a console program that has a flow control setting option? If so, trying changing the flow control.

I occassionally have the same problem with local admin on some LAN switches we use. Changing the setting to none, rather than hardware or Xon/Xoff seems to solve the problem.

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Re: boot problems (unable to access console)

my config-register is set to 0x2102

I tried all the flow control setting and all exhibited the same problems...

any other suggestions???



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