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BPX 8600 configuration back-up

Greetings all,

We are tryin to get a back-up configuration for our ATM switches (BPX 8600).

We have Cisco Wan Manager (ver 10.4.10 Patch 4) on Solaris.

Through the tool "Config Save and Restore" we are unable to do this.

Reading the "Wan Manager User's Guide" in the appropriate section, it says that this is also possible from the CLI.

However, when I issue the command "dspcnf", the BPX don't have a Backup ID, which is a necessary value for the command "savecnf".

"Savecnf " is the command from the CLI in order to get you back-up configuration. I tried to generate this Backup ID (reading manuals, command references) but with no luck.

Anyone have an idea ?

Thanks in advance.



Re: BPX 8600 configuration back-up

The following descirbes the steps for a succesfule "savecnf".

After loading and restoring a network configuration, the control card buffer area used for this purpose should be cleared so it is available for other downloading processes. To clear the buffer area, execute loadcnf with the clear parameter specified instead of backup_id. Specify the buffer of an individual node with node_name or all nodes with *. For the purpose of clearing the buffer area, do not specify the source_SV_node parameter.

Saving and restoring node configuration


To do this, the Configuration Save/Restore option should be enabled on the node.

1. To enable or verify whether the Configuration Save/Restore option is enabled for a node, invoke the cnfswfunc command on the node CLI.

2. Check whether a firmware image is loaded on the node. The savecnf command uses the same buffers used by a loaded firmware image. Therefore, when a firmware image is loaded on the node, savecnf displays an error. To check whether a firmware image is loaded on the node, invoke the dspcnf command. When the dspcnf output says "Reserved for firmware image" it means a firmware image is loaded on the node.Loaded firmware images must be cleaned up before invoking savecnf. To remove the loaded firmware image, invoke the getfwrev command on the node and specify 0.0 as the firmware revision level,as in the following getfwrev 0.0 .

3. Save the node's configuration using the savecnf command using the command:savecnf []

When you specify an "*" (asterisk) as the third parameter to the savecnf command on a routing node, configuration of all the routing nodes in the network are saved.

The value for dest_SV_node is dependent on the configuration in file of CWM. When the last field in a /usr/users/svplus/ file entry is set to nwip_on, the dest_CWM_node should be the same node on which the savecnf command is being executed.

You cannot invoke a save configuration of all nodes by specifying an "*" (asterisk) as the third parameter to the saveconf command when nwip_on is configured in the /usr/users/svplus/ file.

For more details, the following document is useful:

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