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New Member

BPX channel database corruption for VPC’s

In our BPX network (SW 9.2.38 and M.F.M BXM's) I've come across a problem twice whereby ATM to ATM VPC connections terminated on two remote BXM lines is showing a large discrepancy between “From Port” and “To Network” cell counts.

Whilst this is happening, the customer equipment at the remote end is seeing CRC errors continuously and the “From Network” and “To Port” on that distant end and back at the originating end BPX is matching the “To Network” all the time, as if there is nothing wrong.

I have been able to fix this in the past, by deleting and rebuilding the PVC from both ends and building to different ATM ports on other BPX nodes, then building the connection back between the two BPX ports.

Does anyone know of this problem with Virtual Path Connections or have any great commands I can use to identify where the corruption is taking place before I raise a TAC case.

Sample of the issue below;

mb11005a VT Service BPX 8620 9.2.38 May 26 2003 20:50 G+10

Channel Statistics for 2.3.10.* Cleared: May 26 2003 20:33 (/)

PCR: 19321/19321 cps Collection Time: 0 day(s) 00:16:25 Corrupted: NO

Traffic Cells CLP Avg CPS %util Chan Stat Addr: 30F691C0

From Port : 501 0 0 0 OAM Cell RX: Clear

To Network : 253083 --- 256 1

From Network: 252582 0 256 1

To Port : 252582 0 256 1

Rx Frames Rcv : 76915 NonCmplnt Dscd: 0 Rx Q Depth : 0

Tx Q Depth : 0 Rx CLP0 : 501 Rx Nw CLP0 : 252582

Igr VSVD ACR : 0 Egr VSVD ACR : 19296 Tx Clp0 Port : 252582

Rx Clp0+1 Port: 501 NCmp CLP0 Dscd: 0 NCmp CLP1 Dscd: 0

Oflw CLP0 Dscd: 0 Oflw CLP1 Dscd: 0

This Command: dspchstats 2.3.10.* 1

Hit DEL key to quit:

Thanks, David K.

New Member

Re: BPX channel database corruption for VPC’s

Hi David,

Sounds like a bug to me. I recently upgraded one of our client's BXM cards to revision M.F.X as they were also running M.F.M

You are also runnning SWSW ver 9.2.38 and there have been 4 subsequent releases of the 9.2.X train of SWSW, therefore you might want to check the release notes for M.F.X and the latest 9.2.X release.

I haven't come across this problem, but we are running MPLS across the BPX nodes and therefore do not have nailed up PVC'S or PVP'S.

Regards, Kevin

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