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Bridging question: Traffic passing through a port in blocking mode ?

I have 2 routers configured with bridging dec.

Bridge-group is applied to ethernet and frame relay subinterface.

On a router I see (sh bridge group) that a sub interface is in blocking mode but in spite of this if I runn frame-relay stats (sh frame pvc) I see a lot of traffic passing through this pvc whose bridge mode shold be blocking (around 1Kb output). If I remove the bridge statement from that pvc the traffic slows down.

Is it normal to have all this overhead traffic in output if the port is in blocking status ? how can I identify what is transmitted without using a sniffer ?

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Re: Bridging question: Traffic passing through a port in blockin

I'm a bit curious as well. I'm applying ethernet knowledge here but is it possible that the Frame port is blocking because of spanning tree? If so, could this be BPDU traffic? Maybe one of the other engineers in the forum has a thought on this.

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