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Broadcast Suppression

In applying the "set port broadcast mod/port percentage" command to switch ports, is there a recommended percentage? Also, is it adviseable to use this command for proactive management of network performance on all switch ports, or only resolving specific performance issues ?

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Re: Broadcast Suppression

I don't think there's a recommended percentage since this command is optional and basically a tweak. For example, if your network doesn't use DHCP, you probably wouldn't need much broadcast traffic so it would be "safe" to set that threshold relatively low.

As for proactive or troubleshooting, I think that's a subjective question, as well. Being the resource conservative that I am, I believe that at the core, a switch's job is "...packets in, check the table, packets out...." Any processes beyond that sucks DRAM and CPU from Job # 1, and for me, I have to be getting a lot out of that additional process to engage it. If you're having problems with broadcast storms, by all means use it to soothe the symptoms until you fix the problem, but I wouldn't advocate its use all the time. Someone else you ask may not be as stingy with the resources. ;)

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