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browsing netwrk neighborhood on vlan

i am having a problem with my 6500 having 2 vlans in browsing network neighborhood

we are using wins/dns which resides on vlan A. VlanB hosts is experiencing intermittent problem browsing the network even its own vlan. what could be the possible problems.

Ive just copied part of the sh techsupport below which am wondering of , if this has something to do at all with the problem

Port Single-Col Multi-Coll

4/27 1549 583

4/44 6830 2969

4/47 53 13

4/48 104850 45420

Port Align-Err FCS-Err

4/18 361 0

4/21 0 149

4/23 0 1046

If this has caused the problem, what are the possible solutions..

Thanks a lot.

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Re: browsing netwrk neighborhood on vlan

I would check if clients in VLANB are configured identical. In your last posting you said some hosts in VLANB can browse the netneighborhood and some do not. When using VLANS traffic is routed. I dont know this for sure but WINS is working with NETBIOS and this protocol is not routable. Therefore you have to check at the clients if "NETBIOS over TCP/IP" is enabled at the WINS tab on clients IP-settings.

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Re: browsing netwrk neighborhood on vlan

the problem is with win98 machines..the same machine can browse the network and sometimes can find the computer thru ip address on another vlan and sometimes not..

note that there is no problem pinging the machines on the other vlan

thats why i posted the some part of the sh techsupport on my first message if that has something to do with it.


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Re: browsing netwrk neighborhood on vlan

maybe the techsupport-output is part of the solution. the number of collisions is normal at half-duplex links. there is nothing wrong but the number of fcs-errors. i have seen such output on links where the duplex mode on both sides of the links is different. where a full-duplex shares the medium with a half-duplex. if your switch is coded to full-duplex, check if the NIC on win98 is coded too to full-duplex. if it is auto, both sides have to be auto... and so on.

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Re: browsing netwrk neighborhood on vlan

i failed to state in my initial message that the network neighborhood browsing problem is come and go..sometimes its fast, and sometimes it just cant find machines on the other vlan.

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