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Bug with IOS in Cisco 2620


I have a 2620, running Framerelay + ISDN running IOS version 12.1(4).

I am continously getting the following message on the console every 2 seconds.

.Oct 30 10:34:52: No element in free_mon_tx_q

.Oct 30 10:34:52: -Traceback= 800AFD30 800B13E0 800B07E8 8030E9E0 8030EDC4 80311EE4 802E2B5C 80305734 80305734 802E2C1C 803444B0 80344490 80347D18 802568DC 802E7514 802E3FB0

Already have opened a case with Cisco TAC. TAC suggested this relates to a bug which appears in 12.2(2) T

Bug id is CSCdx17511

This bug was first found in 12.2(2)T, 12.1(5)T12 these IOS versions. ALso Bug tool kit doesnt show anything about the other affected versions.

What are your suggestions, on this, Do I need to upgrade the IOS ??

ANy thoughts as to why this particular message is shown by the router ??


Re: Bug with IOS in Cisco 2620

As per TACs advice, i upgraded the IOS to a 12.2(12a)....I think i wont be able to go beyond this....Still getting the same error, continously every 2 seconds. Its kinda hard to believe, that the problem is due to an IOS bug.....

The feature set used is IP Plus.

Re: Bug with IOS in Cisco 2620

Any body has any inputs on this issue??

Community Member

Re: Bug with IOS in Cisco 2620

Whoops, forgot to scroll down for the replies. If you're still getting it with 12.2.12a, it might be either a configuration issue, or hardware.


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Re: Bug with IOS in Cisco 2620

Try a later 12.1 release, something that's GD, 12.1.17 for instance. Good luck.


Re: Bug with IOS in Cisco 2620

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the information. I will try upgrading to a GD release.

Regarding your previous reply, with configuration/hardware issue, I cannot believe, it could be a configuration issue, because, we have over 1000 other sites with the same router model (except for the IOS) with same configuration. The only other option would be a harware issue.


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