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Bugs affecting my IOS upgrade (please this answer is URGENT)


we have a 7507 router, VIP2-50, IOS 11.1(33)CC1. We have to upgrade to some version that supports VIP6-80. We had tried to upgrade to 12.1(23)S1 but I think we have been affected by CSCdu63564 bug, and we had to downgrade to 11.1(33)CC1 again (the downgrade went fine and everything is OK with this version).

The router 7507 has the following configuration line:

arp 0100.5e00.0102 ARPA

with the multicast MAC address corresponding to two StoneBeat firewalls. When we upgraded to 12.1(23)S1, the router didn´t send traffic to these firewalls, and that`s why I think we are affected by this bug. We can not disable Distributed CEF (bug workaroung) because the VIP2-50 are running at 98% CPU utilization (that`s why we have to install VIP6-80).

Looking at the bug description, I can see the bug has been solved in 12.0(23.4)S, but 12.0(23)S1 is in the affected versions list. Is this a Web error?. Also I can see that this bug was fixed in 12.1(12c)E01, but 12.1(13)E1 is also in the affected versions list. Is this another Web error?.

So, the question is: Could you please tell me an IOS which supports VIP6-80, different from 12.2(13)T (because the required Flash size exceeds our router resources), and that is not affected by this bug?.

Please, Could you give me an answer as soon as possible?. We are going to upgrade again this week and we are not sure about what IOS to use.

Thank you very much again.


Re: Bugs affecting my IOS upgrade (please this answer is URGENT)

The Cisco VIP6-80 is supported in the following minimum releases and higher:

Cisco IOS. Software Release 12.1(12)E, 12.0(22)S, 12.2(12)T.

You could use any one of the above mentioned versions to upgrade.

As far as the affected versions and the first fixed in versions are concerned, I guess the first fixed in versions are those in which the bugs have been fixed.

There are tools such as Feature Navigator and Software Advisor available that would guide you through the process of selecting an IOS image that would best suit your requirements.

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