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Busied Out Modems on 5300?


We're having sporadic problems with customers getting busies and are trying to pinpoint the point of failure.

On both of our 5300 in the grouping I show output similar too:

as5300b#show modem summary

Avg Hold Incoming calls Outgoing calls Busied Failed No Succ

Time Succ Fail Avail Succ Fail Avail Out Dial Ans Pct.

00:44:28 34144 1848 62 1 10 0 48 9 3 95%

Why would 48 modems just randomly be "Busied Out"? The first 5300 has even more... Is this normal operation or are busy out counts a sign of problems with our PRI's?

I also did show controller t1's on both boxes and the only thing I noticed is that the very last PRI (of the 7) has 26 Path Code Violations, 17 Degraded Mins, 17 Errored Secs, and 4 Bursty Err Secs. However, there are 0 Unavail Secs which leads me to believe that those errors didn't really affect service...


Cisco Employee

Re: Busied Out Modems on 5300?

That busied out modem's can be because of one of many reasons 1)somebody may have manyallu busied out the modems using :modem busyout" command under the line config 2) ios or admin may have marked them "BAD" if there are many failed calls

We need to see th output of "sh modem" and "sh modem ver" from the AS5300 which reports 48 busied out modems along with running config as well. Also need to know how often you see those modems busied out? Does it clear by intself?

The physical layer issues with the T1 line will not really affect modems stats. So you need to talk to service provider for T1 issues. Pl. follow the link below to try to troubleshoot that

It also has usefull links under "related links" section

Community Member

Re: Busied Out Modems on 5300?

We just had the same type of issue here. Basically the users were randomly being disconnected and getting busy signals. We traced the problem back to the Telco, apparently there were massive amounts of errors coming across the circuit. Check your router log to see if the Controller T1 interface goes up/down.

Good Luck


Re: Busied Out Modems on 5300?

The field "Busied out" does not mean that these many number of modems had been busied out of total x number of modems (for whatever reason). It actually stands for how many times one particular (a single modem) or bunch of modems or all of the modems have so far been busied out since the last relaod via either the busyout command or the modem shutdown command :


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