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C8510MSR - PVP and CoS

Questions about provisioning PVC's/PVP's on the C8500MSR/LS1010 series:

- Must I configure CTTR's for PVCC's and PVPC's to preserve CoS through the switch? Otherwise, the switch doesn't seem to care about what CoS was configured on the attached routers. The connections all get CTTR 1.

- Can a PVPC 'legally' switch several PVC's of different CoS without ill effects to the traffic? For example, PVC 1/1 carries UBR and 1/2 carries VBR-nrt. I switch both through the ATM switch with a single "atm pvp 1..." command. Will will CoS be maintained individually for each PVC, or does the switch not care? A 'show vp..." command indicates UBR with CTTR 1 for the entire PVP. Setting a CTTR for the PVPC would only accomodate one class of service (and I don't have the liberty to do CBR shaped tunnels).

I realize SVC's and soft-VC's do much of this automatically, but that opens a whole other can of worms.

Thank you...

Rick -Z-

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Re: C8510MSR - PVP and CoS

According to the configuration guide and command reference, the CTTR rows should be configured and assigned to the PVCs or PVPs being configured. Otherwise, it uses the default row which is 1. Please see following links for more info :

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